The Tale of a tail…..

Poor Spencer has had a rough week.

I knew something was wrong one night when she was sleeping in my spot on the bed and when I went to move her she hissed and jumped up and took off. The next day I smoothed her down and when I got to the base of her tail she hissed and snarled and ran off. I had to go to work. All the time I was packing crab I was thinking of her. Worrying.

I got home and my friend Stan had been here and let the other two out. I phoned him to tell him I tried to get a hold of him on my breaks and lunch but had no luck. I wanted to warn him that Spencer had something going on. He said she never even came out when he let Shadow and Saucey out. I kept my eye on her but still had to go to work every day. It wasn’t too long until I found out that something viscous had got her by the tail.

I had no idea she had an open sore until halfway through the week. It was just by chance I caught her grooming herself and she lifted her back leg up far enough for me to have a peek. My heart dropped to my feet. My first thought was that the wound was round and nearly the size of a quarter. On closer inspection it was more oval and ripped looking.
















































Up until that point I really thought that some mean arse prick had booted her from behind. But once I saw the open wound I knew that is was not from a boot.

My only conclusion from that point (and still is my theory) is that a mink grabbed her. Perhaps she got too close to a nest of babies? Who knows? There are no dogs in this area so I’m not blaming one. But something got her and got her good.

In the next day or two I watched her every minute I could. One minute she seemed good again (even though she wasn’t moving her tail) and she’d jump up on my lap. The next thing I knew she was buried away in a cubby hole. She’d stay there for hours just sleeping. She was eating and drinking good and I even saw her have a bowel movement (albeit, not a very healthy one).

Saturday rolled around and I found out I had the day off. Spencer stayed hidden in her cubby hole. By then I had her old cone back on her head (the one from when she broke her leg) so she couldn’t hide where I couldn’t get her and licking the wound was a no no. By 9:30 she still hadn’t come out and I decided I better take her to the vet.  Because it was a Saturday I had to call the emergency number and of course I paid the price for that too.

This when Spencer had a broker leg.

spencers broken leg

Once we got there the vet and assistant were amazing! They were very gentle with Spencer and with me. She was sedated and tended to. While I waited to hear what the result was gonna be I discovered that Spencer had had a very healthy poop inside her carrier…ooops….lol. I cleaned it up while the vet was busy with her. In the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘well at least her bowls are working good’.

The vet finally came out and said that she thought the tail was broke and that the wound was the result of a bite. She said the x-ray would cost $100. on top of the $378. I was gonna have to pay for what she had done so far. Her suggestion was to leave the x-ray for the ten days needed to see if the tail was still dead after the antibiotics had done their work. She said even if it wasn’t broken the tail might still have to come off if the nerve damage was too severe. Spencer’s tail was shaved, the wound was cleaned and treated, she got the antibiotic shot and I was given pills to give her once a day for 6 days. She has an appointment for the amputation but that can be cancelled at anytime. They said they will call me at least twice to check on Spencer’s progress. It was an expensive day but they were thorough and I have no regrets, actually it put my mind at ease.

Sunday morning Spencer was feeling better. I had to go to work but only worked 7 1/2 hours so I wasn’t late getting home. She was on the move and almost running….lol. Letting the other cats outside was tricky because miss get-up-and-go wanted to go too. She actually did make it out the door once and tried to get under my van. Thankfully the cone on her head brought her up short and I was able to grab hold of her.

It’s Monday now and I’ve just got home from working 6 hrs. I wanted to add better pics to this blog but apparently my camera has died. Spencer is alert and very spunky. Her injury is healing beautifully and she’s most definitely wants the cone off. Another day or two and I’ll see what happens. She is lifting her tail a bit now and she can move the tip of it so I’m happy to say the tail remain attached. The vet said if she shows any signs of movement in it then the surgery can be cancelled! Yeeehaaw! Happy dance. 🙂

This is Spencer after getting home from the vet.

a tail that might have to go 001


This her sleeping off the vet experience…lol

a tale of a tail 001

This almost 9 yr old tabby cat was born in the Bight and has cost me a fortune but I wouldn’t trade her for the world! She’s a fighter, a hunter, a survivor and a great big suck! 🙂 And pretty fat from being stuck in the house so long…lol

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