Art Inspired

Occassionally and sometimes frequently I dive into the craft world and create art made mostly
from recycled items that I find almost everywhere. You could say I have a lot of time on my hands and
I hate to see it wasted.
My father used to say, ‘A good day is a productive day.’ Yep, the same guy who read bedtime stories
to me, my daughter and her daughter. He was a wise man right up till nearly the end. Then he let
my brother take control and then, well things changed.

So I’d like to use this blog to spotlight not just the books I’ve published but the art that I
have created along the way. I have sold a good many pieces of recycled art-ifacts…lol. But never
enough to get rich on. Art is a sporadical thing in my world. If the computer co-operates (which it
frequently doesn’t) I’ll post some pictures. It’s winter now and winter is where I’ll start.

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