Ms Spencer, the mommy fat cat….

I worried my guts out when I brought the cats to my new home in the Bumble Bee Bight (Pilley’s Island, NL). They have adjusted just fine and obviously Spencer hasn’t lost any weight over the ordeal….lol. She looked so darn cute with her legs poked up the back of the chair that I just had to take a picture. June 1st sunset and spencer 001

You can almost tell by the expression on her face that she is a fearless fighter although you wouldn’t think she was cagey hunter, but she is! She’s carted home rabbits big enough to cook and injured a mink so severely that it’s anguished screams could be heard around the neighborhood for hours before it finally died. We couldn’t get at the poor thing without risking it tearing our hands to shreds.

Spencer is also fond of eating her own kills (plus her normal cat food, lol, no wonder she’s fat) although none of the cats will eat a shrew. Funny how they love to catch and kill shrews but won’t eat them! They must be poisonous little buggers.

Have a great day everyone and give your pussy a kiss… 😉

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