There once was a lonely old wharf…..

When I first moved down to Bumble Bee Bight I didn’t pay much attention to the lonely old wharf where the weather beaten stage (Newfy for shed or boat house) sat. It was more of an eye sore then a land mark.

George's wharf before

I didn’t even know that it was owned by my landlady’s brother George.

Then one day a friend of mine came over for a coffee. As he walked through the door he nonchalantly mentioned that George’s old wharf had finally slipped into the ocean. I looked out my door and sure enough it was sorely displaced.

Georges old wharf 002

I posted this picture on my facebook page and the next thing I knew, the wrecking crew had shown up. All morning I heard chain saws and vehicles were coming and going and people were milling around. When I looked out poor old George’s Wharf was a blaze.

Georges stage 001

So that was that! The stage was in flames. But what a beautiful day they had for a beach fire!

This is all that is left of George’s old wharf and in time the ocean will claim the rest of it.

All that's left of Georges old wharf

So – R.I.P. George’s Old Wharf….lol

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