‘Very good’ in Newfoundland…lol

Generally speaking and most likely for the rest of the world, the term ‘very good’ is used to express support, minor congratulations, positive feelings, well wishes and niceties of a sort. Well I have found that since moving here to Newfoundland a great many people (not all but a lot) use the term repeatedly and in the wrong context. For example, I have a very good friend who cracks me up on a regular basis. She is notorious for using the term ‘very good’ even when the opposite has been conveyed to her in a conversation.

Me: I slipped on the ice and nearly broke my neck!

My friend: Oh, very good.

Me: (hmmmm silently)

Me: I lost just about every cent playing poker!

My friend: Oh, very good.

Me: (hmmmm to myself)

Me: A rabid dog bit me and I had to get 10 stitches!

My friend: Oh, very good.

Me: (scratching my head and looking perplexed)

Me: My dog died, the cat ran away, my boyfriend left me, I got fired from my job and I’m currently in therapy.

My friend: Oh, very good.

Now I’ve greatly exaggerated by using so many examples, however it is absolutely true that at least once during our numerous visits, I will mention something negative and without missing a beat she will respond with “very good”. Is it that she’s just not listening? OR, is it because she’s just not interested in what I’m saying??? Maybe ‘very good’ is just Newfanize for I don’t really care… :/

Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from giving her a crooked look….lol   

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