Sad eyes haunt me….

You were so tiny, so innocent, so frail but strong at the same time. We went through sooo much together and you never complained. We were always on the move but you didn’t mind. Three times you crossed the gulf by yourself, locked in the truck in the bottom of the ship while I enjoyed comfort many floors above. You never made a mess, you never had an accident, you were probably shaking with fear but you persevered and wagged your tail with delight when I finally showed up. I put you through a lot but we were inseparable, and now I have to face the future without you. Oh God, I miss you!!!! I still look for you every morning but your little bed is no longer there. We won’t be going for walks anymore and you won’t be sneaking out to look for doggy friends. No more sweaters and booties, no more soaking up the sun in the back yard. No more cuddles, no more treats, no more clicking of little feet. Oh God, I miss you!!! I think if I could turn back time I would not take you for the final ride, I think I would just hold you and rock you and never let your tired tiny paws touch the cold, cold ground again. My selfish heart wants you back. I hope that you are at peace my little buddy because I am not,

Gizmo dressed for outside

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