Out with the old, in with the new….

A new year can be a new beginning and I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to (figuratively) clean house. Literally I am working on cleaning up my damn studio yet again for the 100th time. This time it’s getting a real purging. Useless crap that I’ve hoarded just in case I get hit with an inspiration is either going in the garbage, getting burned in the wood stove or given to some other hoarder who might get inspired. I’ll be keeping only a minimum of junk from now on. My interests come and go like fads and lately the only interest I have is clearing out the old and starting something new. Who knows, my studio could end up being a sitting room or a spare room or a plant room but one thing it will always be, it’ll be MY room to do as I please.

My mission to freshen up my life and focus on more positive things will not stop with the studio. If I’ve got to burn a bridge or two along the way then so be it. Time to stop living with negativity once and for all.

Life (as far as we know) is a one shot deal and I’ve put up with enough crap. Change is in the air.

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