10 unusual New Year’s resolutions

10 alternative resolutions to revitalize your life

If your New Year always starts with you reeling off the same old dutiful commitments to join a gym, start a diet and give up all those bad habits, why not try something different next year to boost your happiness and revitalize your life? Here are our top 10 suggestions for alternative resolutions.

1 Get your photo taken in five interesting places

2 Learn a decent party trick

3 Break a record (not the vinyl kind…lol)

4 Make a new friend a month

5 Develop a good relationship with your body (take that how you want…;) )

6 Learn something you never learned as a child (be careful if you decide to take up skateboarding)

7 Try a new food each week (and hope you don’t discover a new allergy)

8 Make the usual unusual (where white after Sept, or that real fur coat you keep hid away and just tell      everybody it’s fake.)

9 Sort out a financial worry (this one could be tricky, just make sure you still pay the bills)

10 Do something nice for others every day

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