Christmas trivia…slim pickings now…lol

It’s getting harder to find interesting Christmas trivia so I imagine I’ll soon give up on it. Here’s what I’ve got for today…

The string on Animal Crackers boxes were designed so the boxes could be hung on a Christmas trees.

Animal crackers have a long history starting in England before the colonies were formed. After importing them for several years, they were eventually  produced here. There were various companies involved that eventually merged together to form the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco). In 1902 they started to call them Barnum’s Animals from Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. That was the same year they had the idea of marketing them at Christmas with a colorful box and string to hang on a Christmas tree. I’m not sure how long the this campaign kept up, but the box, largely unchanged, with it’s string is still around over 100 years later

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