Pine-ing away my time….

The upside of having a bit of income is being able to do a little restoration around the house. I started out by painting my kitchen ceiling then decided that having a nice bright ceiling topping gungy old walls wasn’t a look I was fond of. Soooo, I began buying packs of pine. I admit the pine sat in my hallway for quite some time. It took a lot of nerve for me to attack a job I had never done on my own before. When I realized that Pearce wasn’t going to offer any help or encouragement I took the plunge and began.


This is what I call the big kitchen wall before the pine. Well part of it anyway.




Some after shots but keep in mind I still have some trim work to do.



And this wasn’t even the first wall I did.






I started on the smallest wall with cupboards thinking it would be the easiest. The picture is a bit blurry but you might be interested to know that the shade hanging from the ceiling was made from a tiny waste basket that I bought in Triton. They have the same ones in the dollar store. 





I’ve had this old drain board for at least 15 yrs now. I have looked and looked and not seen anything like it here in Newfoundland so I decided to give it a face lift myself. It was just too good a design to toss it out.




Here’s what it looks like now.




Looks better now eh? And if anybody is wondering where I bought this awesome two story dish drain all those years ago, well, it was one of my favorite stores in Ontario: IKEA. I must google them some time and see if they have online shopping…hmmmm, maybe I will be able to replace this one when the paint chips off. 


I plan to clear coat the walls as soon as the trim work is done. Since I’m working now and again at the fish plant, it could take some time to complete it all. And when the kitchen is done I’m moving on to the living room. 


You all have an awesome day. 





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