It only looks like puppy love….lol

I’ve had my little Chihuahua since he was a puppy (he’s 14 now). He was around long before the cats (I have 3) and he has a very jealous nature that has not slacked over the years. When one of the cats demand lap time Gizmo is right there doing his best to keep my attention on him and doing his best to drive the feline away. More then once he’s been slapped soundly by an angry paw with claws extended. His jealous nature keeps him from learning a valuable lesson — don’t mess with the cats!!!  All in all though, cats and dog co-exist peacefully.




I love my animals so much in fact that I did a family portrait of them. It was done before my beloved Spike was run over on the road by a heartless youth tearing around on a quad. It was an intentional and cruel act that nearly drove me to murder! To this day, people on my road know better then to drive like idiots. Doing so will have this crazy lady standing smack in the middle of the road, with hands on hips and a very nasty lecture spewing from her lips.

My babies;



Starting from the front and going around clockwise is Shadow (the one on my lap in the photo), Gizmo, Spike (RIP), Spencer (the mommy cat) and smack in the middle is Saucey. 


It’s not a perfect painting  but it most certainly my favorite! Something I will treasure long after my babies are gone and to the day I die!


Have a great day pet lovers.




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