Flight #370 news release…

For a month now the news has been focused on the missing Malaysian plane flight #370.



I’m not sure if the following link will work but if it does you will hear that a ship has picked up ping backs from a transmission that could be from a plane’s black box. Is it going to be the right plane or some other unfortunate mishap in the sky?  



There can never be enough time or money spent on solving this on going mysterious tragedy! 

I personally think it’s a terrorist act of some kind, and if it’s not then the only other option must be…..


And I’m not joking here either! I do believe there is intelligent life in the universe besides us. Perhaps that’s how we got here in the first place! The more scientists poke around the closer they’re coming to discovering the truth about our existence. I may never know in my life time but my great, great, great grandchildren might….

That’s if we don’t destroy the planet first!


In the meantime, all eyes and ears will be focused on Malaysian Airlines flight #370. 

Our thoughts are with the families, may they find the closure they need


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