*1 620 131-2119* They say they’re Microsoft!!!

They’ve called our number more then once. I don’t pull punches or language when I’m the unfortunate one to answer the phone. The last call from these scam artists came at 2:30am and the Newfy I live with exploded with his own form of anger…lol. Sorry, but it was funny at the time. The ringing woke me up but I wasn’t about to crawl out of my nice warm bed to run for it. Pearce however had drifted off on the couch and was obligated to answer. Calls in the middle of the night around here are usually cause for alarm. So, he answered. The foreign voice on the other end started to tell him that our computer was infected with a virus….he didn’t get any further. 


I tried a reverse look up on 411.ca but had no luck getting information on the number. So then I simply googled the number and lo and behold there were several links in connection with the number. I believe one of them said the area code was somewhere in Kansas but don’t quote me on that one.

I clicked the following link and did make a report. Don’t know if it will do any good or not. 

16201312119 | Everything you have to know about 16201312119

Telemarketers are bad enough but when we have to put up with bogus Microsoft calls any time of the day or night, well I think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! These people even go so far as to call people who don’t even have computers! No doubt these telephone terrorists are clueless to the fact they are being called every dirty name in the book.
Well Ok, that’s my vent for the day. AND MY COMPUTER IS WORKING PERFECTLY!
Have a great day everyone! 

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