My psycho bathroom….

It’s one of those things that might keep changing. My shower enclosure is both whimsical and frightening…lol. For now all that’s left is some caulking although my famous mouse hole and mouse could be added at any moment.


The first impression is of course the mermaid silhouette.


Catching site of a spider could be a little freaky, even if it’s not real.


Hope they don’t make babies!!!


I guess where there’s palm trees there’s gonna be bugs right? This is the back wall and not a focal point.

Here’s what’s facing me when I take a shower…lol. In my mind he’s heading for the mermaid so I’m safe.


The psycho killer is for my sister Cindy who is a freak but a lovable freak. It’s been a fun but nerve wracking experience. Will it last? For a while is all I can say. It’s more interesting then plain old Miranda board. 

So there you have it, the weirdest bathroom in Pilley’s Island! 


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