More Cool Christmas craft ideas….

The internet is loaded with a kazzillion Christmas craft ideas. I love searching for them and I’m happy to share with you.

Take a plain old clay flower pot and transform it into this cute little snowman’s head.


This festive decoration could hang just about anywhere. Looks simple to make and I suppose one might even hang some mistletoe from it.

Oh look, more flower pots…lol

Pretty and cheap are always favorites of mine. Candy canes hooked on an empty jar and stuffed with greenery that most of us here in Newfoundland can get right outside in our own backyards.


These are absolutely too cute. 

Here’s a neat idea for displaying all those Christmas cards. I might go a step further and figure out how to hang them from the ceiling.

Teeny tiny pillows for those teeny tiny elves…lol.

And of course tree books which I personally love since we are wall to wall books in this house…lol

Last but not least even though they don’t interest me as a craft but are cute all the same.

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