Recycle for Christmas….With newspaper.

One year I got sick of searching for the perfect Christmas wrapping paper (back then bags weren’t an option). It was always easy to find festive ribbon but the wrapping itself was mind boggling with all the choices available. I decided I’d come up with an alternative solution and by the pictures posted below I see I’m not the only one that thinks outside the ‘Christmas box’…lol. When I did it, adults got the news columns and kids got the comic sections.


     I also had a year where I wrapped everything in brown paper. I used saved up brown bags instead of buying it on a roll.



I’m sick to death of all the commercialism that starts at the beginning of November (sometimes even the end of Oct.) and bombards us with high tech gadgets, expensive toys, useless electronics and blaring Christmas music until we’re either worked up into a spending frenzy or out of our minds worrying about what gift to get who! SLOW DOWN PEOPLE AND GET BACK TO BASICS!


And do have a lovely day….lol

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