Halloween 2013

I put a good deal of effort into decorating for the handful of kiddies we get knocking at the door, as I do every year. To be honest I’d do the same if there were no children around because when it comes to Halloween, I’m the biggest kid on the block.

There were some subtle differences this year. To my surprise we had more ghosts, goblins, lions, firemen, princesses and witches then ever, since moving to Newfoundland 8 years ago. It was a pleasant surprise! It was also nice that Gizmo didn’t go snarling and barking at every knock, nice, but sad at the same time. My poor baby is getting old, his eye sight is going and his hearing isn’t a fraction to what it used to be. He’s been with me since he was a puppy and it’s painful to see him grow old. Even the cats, although still in their prime, have settled into their ways and rarely have their playful moments. Nothing ever stays the same.

And of course there had to be some profound sadness that will effect the entire population of Pilley’s Island. Another well known, well loved member of the community has passed away. Gone to be with his wife I’d say. He was never the same after she died. So he slipped away on Halloween night, quietly, without fuss, much the same way as his gracious wife. I hope if there is an after life that they’re together again walking side by side and holding hands. R.I.P 

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