Not only am I growing old waiting for my wrinkle cream to work, I’m constantly waiting for this stupid computer to come out of freeze mode. Currently I seem to be continually waiting for something. Waiting for nice days, Waiting to see if I’ll get the hours I need to get on the town project. Waiting to learn how to make owl eyes…lol. Waiting for a paper mache project to dry, Waiting for paint to dry.
Sooo, I do a lot of waiting but while I’m waiting I work on an alternate project. It’s no bloody wonder I always have a dozen unfinished crafts in the works. Right now I’m waiting for this laptop to freeze up again so I can get on with something else…lol I guess I’m not the only one who hates waiting and trying to sit still while I’m doing it.
So what do you guys do when you’re stuck on hold for some reason?

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