My three sisters

I think of my sisters a lot. We didn't meet until late in life because two of us were given up. I was adopted and my older sister wasn't. She found me though when I was around 40 years old. I was somewhat taken back by her appearance and mental state. Clearly life had not been good to her. Some years later I began receiving more letters from the C.A.S telling me I had other siblings looking for me. I tossed every letter in the garbage. I felt meeting Linda was enough, thank you very much. The two women claiming to be my half sisters were persistent. They phoned my house after I had moved to NL and nailed me on. I wanted us to communicate by email until I felt more comfortable with the situation. They agreed but within 2 weeks landed at Gander airport under the pretense of visiting other relatives. I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof about meeting them face to face. We agreed to meet at Walmart in Grand Falls and just wing it from there. When I walked up to the two very tall, blonde, younger, pretty women and looked way up to meet their eyes, I fell in love! We left Walmart and went to their Motel room and talked for two hours. They were lovely women and I felt ashamed for being so stand-offish with them. From that point on we were close and continue to be close. Linda however ended up in a Government run building for city low lifes. It was her choice and she was not capable of taking care of herself. I've made two trips to Ont. to visit with my sisters and had a blast both times. I made a point of seeing Linda on each visit. I won't be seeing her on the next visit because the poor darling passed away quite suddenly but in her sleep. I'm trying to arrange for her ashes to be sent to me here in NL. She always wanted to come visit and I believe she would be happy resting peacefully on Newfoundland soil. Life is crazy and the path is seldom clear. We were separated at a very young age and I guess there was a reason for it.

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