Chatty Cathy

Anybody remember Chatty Cathy? I loved my talking doll with a passion. We took a lot of walks around the neighborhood, her in a baby carriage and me pretending to be the proud mamma. I took her everywhere and showed her off to all my friends. She eclipsed all the other presents I got that year for Christmas. I pulled her string until it actually got hot. She and I did all the talking that day and everyone was amazed by her vocabulary, hardly ever did she repeat herself. It was finally time for bed and we were saying goodnight to the other family members and I pulled the string one last time before heading upstairs to my little bed. The words she spoke had not been said all day long – 'I'm so tired' – were her last words. Everyone was stunned including me. Chatty and I had a long relationship which ended in tragedy. I had left in her carriage just outside the back door of our house, it was nice and shady. I forgot about her. Later when the heat of the day was at its' maximum I remembered that she was still outside. I ran to her only to find that her face had melted in the scorching sun and had caved in. My baby girl was unrecognizable to me and I was mortified. My mother must have disposed of her because her caved in face is the last thing I remember about her.

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