Adoption versus Abortion


My sister and I should have been aborted. Instead we were concieved by a young married couple, yes married, and were given away like overgrown puppies when they found they couldn’t handle the responsibility. My sister ended up in the system for her entire growing up period which resulted in her making nothing but bad choices her whole life. She sits rotting in a run down Seniors complex for derelict street people in downtown Toronto. Her life has been one disaster after another. I managed to get adopted at the age of 4. My younger years are full of gaps, memories that I purposely blocked out and memories I simply just could not retain. It was like living on the other side of a window and only being able to watch from a distance. I’m not for abortion but I’m certainly not against it either. Our biological parents went on to meet new people and have more kids. My mother in particular spawned another 5 children, one she gave away (said she was raped) and one son died young as the result drug abuse. I think people who put children up for adoption should not be allowed to bring more children into the world. Raising children is not a hit and miss game, it’s a life time commitment that should be taken seriously by both parties involved.

So that’s my rant for today. I have a very cheap short story published in Kindle that describes my rendition of the adoption process (from a child’s point of view). It was the 1950’s and the story is loosely based on a Children’s Aid transcript that I managed to get a hold of as an adult.

The title is ‘All I wanted was Ice Cream’ by Lori McNeilly  The Price is .99cents to download. The attached picture is a sketch I scratched out with pen. It’s a close resemblance of how I looked arriving at my new parents home.

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