It’s a fine looking morning here on the rock. Too cheerful to be sitting at the computer but since it’s not warm enough to take my tea outside, guess I’ll just enjoy the view from inside. Yesterday’s blizzard was either Sheila’s Brush or Paddy’s Batch, either way it started out as a big blow and by noon it switched over to rain and by 4pm the sun was shining.

I want to link this blog to my Author page on Amazon and as yet haven’t had much success. When I started this thing, my intention was to try and use it as a way to generate interest in my story telling. But I am a cyberist with handicaps…lol. I know my way around the keyboard but I don’t know my way around the blogging world.

If someone besides me reads this than I can only hope they’ll go to Kindle/Amazon and check my books out. The downloaded versions are amazingly cheap. Twisted Sisters is my newest ebook publication and is guaranteed to make you giggle even if you don’t have a sister that’s your best friend in life. I like to think of it as the female version of Grumpy Old Men…lol.

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