Michael was about 4 years old. We were living in a row of townhouses in Downsview Ont. He and his sister were outside playing in the front yard. Tina came in and my husband and I could see it was going to rain soon so we sent her out to get her younger brother. Tina was 8. She returned shortly and told us she couldn’t find him. I looked at Ken and he looked at me. I sent Tina to my girl friend’s house and Ken and I began searching around the complex. Our little boy was nowhere to be seen. We yelled and hollered for him and still he didn’t show up! Ken took off running up one street and I took off running down another. The whole neighborhood could hear our voices ringing out and still we could not find him. We were scared to death and in total panic. “We’ve got to call the police,” Ken said when we hooked up back at the complex. I was beside myself and in tears. We walked through the parking lot and up the sidewalk that bordered the townhouses. A neighbor 5 doors down from us stuck his head out the door and asked us if we were looking for this and he pointed under the wooden table they used as a pic nic table. We walked over to look under the big industrial sized wooden spool (used for hydro cable) and there was our little boy curled up and sound asleep. Tears of worry turned to tears of joy!


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